engraved on my heart

this thoughtful mama and i had big plans for a more stand out location but she so wisely and contentedly suggested we stay close to their home to fit her babies needs for the evening. "you learn to lower your expectations with little ones" she said. such an important lesson to learn so early in motherhood. going at a comfortable pace is so much easier said than done but the rewards of it are so long lasting. there is so much satisfaction and fullfilment that comes from simply slowing down to give yourself space to embrace it all. and what do you know, our evening was filled with so much calm, love and magic after all. 

i have a few plans this upcoming year for travel session to some wonderful cities. seattle, new york, chicago, orange county, san francisco and austin. if you live close to any of those places and would like to make family magic together i'd love to hear from you! hello@jessicahaderlie.com

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