over the moon

When the reason you live and breathe is for these little people entrusted to you and a photo helps you remember just that. Spending the morning following along Tauri and her children was peek into the life of a mom raising two beautifully happy, energetic littles with a grace and calmness that is so refreshing to see. Their love is so evident, their chasing so intense, and their life so full of joy, and it's a beautiful thing to witness. My greatest delight is to get the chance to meander behind you, and capture the essence of who you are as a family. The unruly moments as well as the tender and soft. But above all, the love. Because there is so much love, and I want to capture yours. If you have questions or want to say hi or book me for a session, shoot me an email at hello@jessicahaderlie.com or find that get in touch tab on the front page. -xx