from that happy afternoon i finally got to meet this gem of a woman and watch her love her babies. we carted that sweet baby around while she slept and snuggled her in all the light filled places in this beautiful old home of theirs. we talked about pregnancy and babies, house plants and puppies, film and our skate-boarding little boys and i left feeling like i was leaving a friends home. 

greater heights

Families always amaze me. That two people can start a life together, with all the possibilities of love, adventure, purpose and create something so lasting and meaningful. That every day people choose to live for someone other than themselves and how much beauty lies in those decisions. Families are my very favorite thing to photograph and something I will never take for granted in my life. This location was a tough one, we climbed sand mountains, fought wind and chased light and still made some of my new favorite images. There's all sorts of lessons there.  If you want your family and the stage your children are in documented in a way that is all about how much you love each other I'd love to hear from you. -xx


love remains

It was incredibly hard to narrow down the images for this post. Ever since this sweet mama sent me her first note about coming to California to photograph their family she has felt like an old friend. I don't know if I've ever felt so welcomed by a family. We took these photos in their first home, the home they brought their babies home to and we have plans for me to come back to photograph them in their forever home in the fall. Their love and joy is so evident and contagious, and I am honored to be able to document these photos for them for their keeping. I would love to document your family and the time you're in, email me at hello@jessicahaderlie for more info. 

Moradi_50 (1).jpg
Moradi_05 (2).jpg

over the moon

When the reason you live and breathe is for these little people entrusted to you and a photo helps you remember just that. Spending the morning following along Tauri and her children was peek into the life of a mom raising two beautifully happy, energetic littles with a grace and calmness that is so refreshing to see. Their love is so evident, their chasing so intense, and their life so full of joy, and it's a beautiful thing to witness. My greatest delight is to get the chance to meander behind you, and capture the essence of who you are as a family. The unruly moments as well as the tender and soft. But above all, the love. Because there is so much love, and I want to capture yours. If you have questions or want to say hi or book me for a session, shoot me an email at or find that get in touch tab on the front page. -xx 

If I can shoot families in their homes where all the chasing, playing, crying, working and growing happens for the rest of time I definitely will.  This family moved into a gem of a home, their forever home, and I was so lucky to be able to tell the story of their first stages, just a few months after they moved in. Utah has it's share of gorgeous homes with loads of character and this growing family is just the perfect match. 

If you're still reading you are probably interested in making heartfelt, meaningful images of this time in your life.  Send me a note and we will get it on the books! 

If you're still reading you are probably interested in making heartfelt, meaningful images of this time in your life.  Send me a note and we will get it on the books! 

arms full of wild and happy boys

Your arms full of wild and happy boys, it's a good way to live life.  It's been awhile since I shared a proper motherhood session and my last session with the talented Chrissy Powers is the the perfect one to share. I don't know if any mama has ever handled two busy boys with so much grace and smiles. If you don't follow her, you should, she is a wonderful writer and source for good. 


california life || orange county family photography

I had the sweetest privilege to be able to tag along on this shoot with Lyndsey Yeomans last time I was in California. I'm bound and determined to have some of that girl's talent rub off on me and figured spending time with her was a good way to have that happen. I'm still swooning over all that curly hair that gorgeous mama/daughter duo had. That little girl Arden had character coming out of her ears and it was so fun to watch her love on her mama. This California home was recently remodeled and the light couldn't have made me happier that day. 

I've been pleasantly surprised with how quickly my summer schedule is filling up. So if you've been thinking of booking a session get ahold of me sooner that later so I can get you on the books before they're full! 


dripping with all things lovely and good

if there was ever a better piece of advice i’ve been given it would be this, to be sure to treat everyone as if they were going through something hard, because they are. we all are, it’s why we are here. and that everyone is doing the very best they can do. it makes it so much easier to open your heart and love the people around you the best that you can. we made some images at one of my favorite places in utah for this lovely family and i am so glad to share them with you. if you want your own images to hold onto and share with your favorite people, shoot me an email and we will make it happen.