motherhood held in time

Just wanting to tell every mama out there how beautiful of a job they’re doing. That this job that stretches you every day is making you into a better version of yourself. These little people are the teachers who are turning you into the person you’re supposed to be. Lean into the hard, let go of your expectations of what you thought it would be. Let it break you and bring you to a better place. It forever will leave you in awe of all that you are capable of.

“In raising my children I have lost my mind but found my soul.” -Lisa T. Shepherd


dripping with all things lovely and good

if there was ever a better piece of advice i’ve been given it would be this, to be sure to treat everyone as if they were going through something hard, because they are. we all are, it’s why we are here. and that everyone is doing the very best they can do. it makes it so much easier to open your heart and love the people around you the best that you can. we made some images at one of my favorite places in utah for this lovely family and i am so glad to share them with you. if you want your own images to hold onto and share with your favorite people, shoot me an email and we will make it happen.


raise them up

I will never stop being grateful to be able to make photos for families. To give them a tangible glimpse of how beautiful their love was like in this moment. I love the thought that as fleeting as time is, especially those years when your children are young, that my families can go home knowing that the time that they are in is documented forever. If you’d love precious photographs of you with your little ones, send me an email and let’s hang out.