in home motherhood sessions!


I feel so strongly about making images that encourage mamas in their role and help them see the beauty in what they do everyday. I am opening up a few times in April and May for in-home mini sessions! This is my way of giving all the mamas I can forever photographs that they will cherish always with their babies this season. 


PRICE: $300

Session includes 1-hour of shooting in your home within UTAH/SALT LAKE counties + 40 high resolution, fine art film style images share with you in an online gallery. Leave me an email or use the contact me section to get ahold of me and save your spot!

a new source of hope

to hold these babies after the mysteries of day dreaming of them all our lives, there is nothing more life giving. i left with so much to take in, their contentment and patience with each other. that spunky toddler brimming with life, you can tell she is loved more than words. a whole realm of otherworldly beauty is all around us if we take the time to just look for it. 


grow in your care

i believe no matter what to always keep creating. it is a way to notice and give thanks for god's love and keep passing it on.  i always wanted to paint or write but showing families their happiness in such a tangible form is more than enough for me right now. if you want to make something together for your family email me and we will make some plans.

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engraved on my heart

this thoughtful mama and i had big plans for a more stand out location but she so wisely and contentedly suggested we stay close to their home to fit her babies needs for the evening. "you learn to lower your expectations with little ones" she said. such an important lesson to learn so early in motherhood. going at a comfortable pace is so much easier said than done but the rewards of it are so long lasting. there is so much satisfaction and fullfilment that comes from simply slowing down to give yourself space to embrace it all. and what do you know, our evening was filled with so much calm, love and magic after all. 

i have a few plans this upcoming year for travel session to some wonderful cities. seattle, new york, chicago, orange county, san francisco and austin. if you live close to any of those places and would like to make family magic together i'd love to hear from you!

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filled to the brim

where perfection is left behind, that is where we make the images that make my heart swell. when the feeling radiates and the raw and real is what remains. it takes some patience, paying attention and love and is always worth all the effort. not that this family took much effort at all, so much goodness and heart piled into one family. i've found myself inspired by rebecca for sometime now, so much creativity and heart seem to just pour from her and it was the greatest joy to be asked to photograph all the love that radiates from their family. to the kents, these are for you. -xx 

UTAH FRIENDS!- i am taking a limited amount of outdoor sessions next year to focus on all that love that happens in your home so if you are thinking you might want to have your family memories documented in all the amazing places we have in Utah next year contact me soon, those spots are going quickly. ALSO, i've had recent requests for sessions in the spring to central and southern california, seattle, and chicago. if you're in any of those spots and want photos to immortalize those swift and fleeting moments of joy i'd love to hear from you.

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wrapped up in wonder


Babies are such good way to start people and a really incredible way of making families. To have two people who love each other and hand them this little person that depends on them for life. To be able to put everything aside and focus on the real and important and simply sacred role of caring for a child, it never ceases to amaze me. 

 My greatest delight is to get the chance to watch you love your people, and capture the essence of who you are as a family. The unruly moments as well as the tender and soft. But above all, the love. Because there is so much love, and I want to capture yours. If you have questions or want to say hi or book me for a session, shoot me an email at And just a note on TRAVEL SESSIONS: I have shoots booked for NEW YORK, TEXAS, and SO. CAL in the upcoming weeks so if you're in any of those spots I'd love to chat. 

from that happy afternoon i finally got to meet this gem of a woman and watch her love her babies. we carted that sweet baby around while she slept and snuggled her in all the light filled places in this beautiful old home of theirs. we talked about pregnancy and babies, house plants and puppies, film and our skate-boarding little boys and i left feeling like i was leaving a friends home. 

greater heights

Families always amaze me. That two people can start a life together, with all the possibilities of love, adventure, purpose and create something so lasting and meaningful. That every day people choose to live for someone other than themselves and how much beauty lies in those decisions. Families are my very favorite thing to photograph and something I will never take for granted in my life. This location was a tough one, we climbed sand mountains, fought wind and chased light and still made some of my new favorite images. There's all sorts of lessons there.  If you want your family and the stage your children are in documented in a way that is all about how much you love each other I'd love to hear from you. -xx